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We brought Anderson to the Little Ninja’s class a little over a year ago. He was lacking in self confidence and controlling his emotions. This martial arts studio provides more than self defense for your child. Their instructors and methods help develop these children into more well rounded individuals with the confidence to try new things and step outside their comfort zone. I highly recommend this for children or young adults.

David Savage Avatar David Savage
April 6, 2023

I cannot recommend this place enough for positivity, knowledge, and taking in all skill levels! A friend and myself came in completely new to the sport, having NEVER done anything like MMA as a kid or an adult. We signed up to learn some basics of defense and get outside of our comfort zone in 2023. So far, they have respected our skill levels, and our goals. (They never make us do anything we aren't comfortable doing, but are encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone, which is exactly what we wanted in the first place.) Coach Shumaker is awesome, as are the rest of the coaches, AND our classmates are happy to help too! So far, I've been extremely happy with my 6 month commitment and decision to try something different than just a regular gym membership. (I've lifted weights, ran on treadmills, played sports, and taken fitness classes my whole athletic life, but Cosens is the perfect place to put athletic skills into a practical life use!) I was looking around at the classroom yesterday, and had a huge sense of enlightenment watching everyone have so much fun playing in a turtle defense position, and giggling like kids. It was honestly one of the best things ever. People from different backgrounds, training, places in life, and skill levels, just having a blast, all while learning and practicing their skills and helping each other. How awesome is that?!?

Aly Ru Avatar Aly Ru
April 2, 2023

Cosens MMA has been great for my daughter. She absolutely loves going to the classes. Coach Shumaker is great with the kids and very knowledgeable about MMA. My daughter is more confident and motivated since she started. They teach great life skills also which help them in all aspects of life. We are so happy with this program and the coaches!

Aaron Andresen Avatar Aaron Andresen
December 9, 2022

Our daughter is loving Cosen’s Martial Arts. She can’t wait to go every week. All the coaches are great and have helped her a lot.

Trisha Brall-Hite Avatar Trisha Brall-Hite
December 9, 2022

Would highly recommend joining Cosens MMA. The coach’s are extremely welcoming and helpful as your learning. It’s a great environment and I look forward to coming back each time!

nick salisbury Avatar nick salisbury
November 9, 2022

I’ve been coming here for a few months now and am very appreciative to Coach Brewer and Coach Garcia for making it a encouraging place to learn MMA. They create a positive environment that pushes me to be my best while also building my confidence as a martial artist. Coach Brewer has always been super understanding about life circumstances too, which has taken stress off of my shoulders. It’s a great place to go no matter your experience level, and the coaches really care.

Irina Back Avatar Irina Back
September 9, 2022

My 3 kids have been going for 2 weeks now and I feel the coaches are very supportive and helpful with both students and parents. Coach Brewer even reached out to us to check how things were going. So far, we’re loving the program.

Jonelle Lull Avatar Jonelle Lull
August 9, 2022

Putting my son in this program was the best decision we have made. The coaches are amazing! It is also a safe judgement free environment. My son looks up to the coaches so much and they have already went above and beyond to help work with him on some behavior issues. It is all around a great fun place to be at. I highly recommend their programs.

Melissa Marie Avatar Melissa Marie
June 9, 2022

My son has been coming to Cosens for awhile and I cannot say enough good things about coach Brewer and coach Garcia. They spend so much time helping him while also pushing him to do better. They are incredibly patient and kind to every student in their class. I would recommend them to anyone!

Jackie Avatar Jackie
May 9, 2022

My daughter started at Cosens through a program with her school. It was for a physical education requirement. She loved the classes. Currently as of this review she is a green belt with every intention of getting her black belt. Her coordination has improved dramatically. She just received recognition for her leadership skills at school, in part through her instructions at Cosens. These classes have been nothing but beneficial for her. These instructors are fantastic with the young ones, thank you!

Thomas Reou Avatar Thomas Reou
May 9, 2022

We LOVE Cosens MMA, all of their amazing coaches, and the Black Belt Programs! I have one little ninja and 2 in the children's class. Coach Brewer and Coach Garcia are amazing at teaching the kiddos confidence, respect, and discipline all while mastering their skills.

Sara Robbins Avatar Sara Robbins
May 9, 2022

Our son has been in Tiny Ninjas for one year now. He’s really flourished under Coach Brewer and Coach Garcia especially. They are so good at instructing to every child’s specific learning style and emotional needs. It’s the perfect combination of fun and structure!

Darcy Collicker Avatar Darcy Collicker
April 9, 2022

My Son has been at Cosens for about 8 months now and he absolutely loves it! The coaches are just phenomenal and so patient with the kiddos. Highly recommend!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Justin Green Avatar Justin Green
April 9, 2022

My daughter has been at Cosen's for almost 2 years and was having trouble in school. Since joining Cosen's, she has gained focus, self esteem, and self control. Thank you to all of the past coaches and the current coaches for everything. This girl loves karate thanks to you!!

Robyn Friday Avatar Robyn Friday
April 9, 2022

I loved sending my son to Cosens and watching him grow more confident and capable every week! This was an extremely valuable experience for him. Coaches set an excellent example for the students and encourage them to be great in all areas of their lives.

Josie lucas Avatar Josie lucas
April 9, 2022

The coaches are GREAT! We have been with Cosens MMA for over 4 years now and my son has learned SO MUCH! They teach great life skills, self defense and respect. It has been great watching my son grow to be a more confident child! Thank you for helping him find his voice!!!! 10/10 would recommend!!!

K J Avatar K J
April 9, 2022

Coach Brewer has been amazing with my child. He is excited to go every class and has been growing with both life skills and fitness. I could not be happier with the way his classes have gone and would highly recommend to any other parent.

Sara Graham Avatar Sara Graham
April 9, 2022

I’ve been a student for around 6 months now in the adult classes. I have learned many Mixed Martial Arts skills and I am confident to be prepared for any situation just in case I need to use self defense. I have made many friends and I’ve created strong relationships with the coaches! Black belt training is really convenient and it’s fun to spar at your own paste. My strength and conditioning have improved so much through the time I’ve been taking classes. I would highly recommend Cosens Mixed Martial Arts for anyone.

Ryan Kaminski Avatar Ryan Kaminski
April 9, 2022

My son and I both attend Cosens MMA. The classes are fun and the ENTIRE team is amazing! I always enjoy talking with Sarah at the front desk, she always has a smile on her face. Coach Brenay is great at getting the kids attention and getting them to focus. Coach Kons is so patient with the kids and my son enjoys him as his coach. Coach Kons also teaches the adult classes. He gives us a great workout that is enjoyable and he is a wonderful teacher. This is a great place for people of all ages to gain some good life skills and to get you in shape.

Abby Greenwood Avatar Abby Greenwood
April 9, 2022

My son Kaleb is in the junior black belt club. He has only been in for a few months but he loves it. Everyone is amazing with the kids, his first couple days he was scared to join the group and would stand back abd cry because he wanted to do it so bad but was scared. They slowly worked him out into the group and now he fits right in, loves it and tells me every time he doesn't want to leave and wants to stay longer. It has helped him so much with his self confidence and hes a much happier little boy. I just wish I could afford to put my daughter in too. Thank you to all the coaches for what you do for these kids. You are truly amazing

Laura Yeider Avatar Laura Yeider
April 9, 2020

Our daughter has been a little ninja for just about a year, and our experience has been amazing. The coaches are really great with the kids. We have seen a tremendous improvement in our daughter's confidence. About a month ago, my husband started training at Cosen's as well and he loves it too!

Stacy trelewski Avatar Stacy trelewski
April 9, 2020

I was looking for an organized sport for my six year old son. He was struggling in school with listening skills, focusing & following directions. To my surprise, Cosens offered two free trial classes. My son immediately took to the coach & couldn't wait to start classes. Within no time, I noticed a tremendous difference in his confidence, focus & attention span. He is making such positive strides in the classroom, is a much more helpful & enjoyable guy at home & is becoming a leader in his karate groups. I am beyond grateful for Cosens. They are not just another sports team, but a family that encourages, supports & cares for the growth of my son.

chasity paine Avatar chasity paine
April 9, 2020

My son started classes with Cosens 2 years ago and we couldn't be happier with our experience. While we like the physical skills he is learning, we love the focus and emphasis on life skills such as respect, kindness, hard-work and responsibility. This helps him in at school, and is a big motivator for doing chores at home. The coaches take an interest in each student personally, they know what is going on in their lives and they notice when the kids are struggling. The personal support the kids receive from someone other than a parent is invaluable. We love our Cosens coaches and staff.

Audra Swarthout Avatar Audra Swarthout
April 9, 2020

My daughter has been in MMA at Cosens for almost two years, and absolutely loves it! It boosts her confidence, self awareness and has helped so much in teaching her about integrity and values. The coaches have been outstanding and really put their all into each class with the kids.

Wendy M. Lanava Avatar Wendy M. Lanava
April 9, 2020

We have had our son in Cosens MMA for over 3 years now. It has been one of the best decisions for our son for many reasons. I know that it has helped his confidence, has helped him socialize and surround himself with other kids that are trying to be great human beings, has taught him things that I myself as his father have been trying to teach such as what respect really means, integrity, perseverance, leadership, accountability, responsibility, self confidence, etc. They have changed coaches a few times but I believe every Coach has been a great pick and fit for the gym. We are very happy to be apart of this team.

Zachary Bryant Avatar Zachary Bryant
April 9, 2020

My son has been going to Cosens gym for the past year, starting the program at 3. I have seen so much positive change over this year, he has developed confidence in himself. Also, the work on focus has been great both in and out of class. The coaches are absolutely wonderful to work with.

Stacy Kott Avatar Stacy Kott
April 9, 2020

My husband and I have seen great improvements with my son's listening skills and self control. This program has been a great place for my son to expel his energy in a positive way. We have seen less tantrums and frustration in him at preschool as well. The staff is great with the kids and he looks forward to class! Highly recommend!

Taryn Reed Avatar Taryn Reed
April 9, 2020

**** Coach Bernay did a excellent job with our first two introduction classes, his patience and ability to see what my 9 year old son needed help with and took the time to relate to him and have him doing it correctly and did it quickly which gave him confidence. My 14 year old daughter loved being able to unload on coach holding the kick/hit pads correctly and with power and speed she never knew she had. I like the fact they get involved in the kids life as well, not just in the gym which I noticed while I was there. I signed up both kids.

Chad Tolliver Avatar Chad Tolliver
April 9, 2020

My son had private classes and then started weekly classes, this place is amazing! The coaches are so kind, caring and helpful. My son absolutely LOVES it. It's something for him to look forward too very good mentors, I absolutely recommend it to everyone I know! I love the cosens mma family! Thank you for all you do for my son!

Whitney Conger Avatar Whitney Conger
April 9, 2020

My granddaughter Chloe (8), has been going to class, for 2 yrs. The improvement she has made, in her self confidence, is just amazing. From being very very shy, too now being highly motivated. Has help at home, and at school. The coach's are simply awesome, the way they work with young children. Is something they should be, very proud of. If you want your child, to have self esteem, self confidence, and self discipline. While getting taught, life lessons, team work, selflessness and self defense. I would highly recommend Cosens MMA. For your child, grandchildren, or even young to old adults.

Larry Kerkau Avatar Larry Kerkau
April 9, 2020

We've had a wonderful experience with Cosens MMA! Nearly four years now and our son and daughter love going to class every week. Coaches keep the kids interested and always find new exciting ways to teach techniques and core values. Keep up the good work!

Wendy Lanava Avatar Wendy Lanava
April 9, 2020

What makes Cosens MMA better than your average martial arts school is seeing how the kids blossom into confident, strong, and determined leaders. Every lesson is tied into a valuable life skill like respect or self-discipline. The coaches are so dedicated and there's a great family vibe here. I can't say enough great things!

Sarah Jennings Avatar Sarah Jennings
April 9, 2020

After 6 short months of our daughter attending MMA at Cosens, we have seen quick benefits and results. The approach they take is holistic, innovative, and current to meet the needs of our growing kids to equip them for today's secular challenges. Each class comes with skill building and a character building lesson that will stick with these kids the rest of their life, it's priceless and we are pleased with the encouraging, positive atmosphere at cosens.

Rachael McKinnon Avatar Rachael McKinnon
April 9, 2020

My daughers (11 yrs and 8 yrs) have been attending Cosens MMA in Bay City for just over a year and we are so happy with their life skills based program. Both girls are learning important leaderships skill. We really appreciate the time the coaches take to check in with their students and to teach life skills like commitment, perserverance, respect and responsibility. It is great for them to have a safe and welcoming place to make new friends outside of school. Health and fitness are important to us, so we also love that our girls are getting excellent exercise and learning skills in endurance, strength and stamina. They come off that mat sweating! Thank you Cosens!

Sarah Sinclair Avatar Sarah Sinclair
April 9, 2020

We have been sending our son for nearly a year. The coaches have gone out of their way to truly make us feel like family, and we have seen tremendous growth within our son and his confidence. Thankful for this program and these coaches!

Sandra Schultz Avatar Sandra Schultz
April 9, 2020

We're new to the gym but so far our experience has been amazing. My daughter is in the tiny ninjas program and has she had so much fun that she never wants to leave. The coaches and staff are helpful, patient and great with kids. They challenge and encourage the children to be their best selves. My husband and I like that the program doesn't just focus on fitness but mental focus and self-control. The sheer number of events they put on outside of classes means that when you join this gym you have a environment that welcomes the whole family with open arms. It is more expensive than other activities but our family thinks it's a worthwhile investment.

Samantha Mitchell Avatar Samantha Mitchell
April 9, 2019

We adore Cosen's! The coaches are extraordinary, they have an amazing rapport with the kids and do such a great job keeping them engaged in class. My son has already been applying what he's learned in his day to day activities. He's focused, respectful and learning a lot about self-control. The Tiny Ninjas and Little Ninja classes are great tools to achieve our parenting goals. And all while having lots of fun!

Ashley Brandon Avatar Ashley Brandon
April 9, 2019

James took an interest in karate the minute he started. He liked the drills and the coaches. They work super hard at building his confidence and focus. He is determined to be the best he can and wants to show them his ability. He needs a little more help with his coordination and his stance at times, especially since he is ambidextrous, so his lead kick and rear kick changes from time to time. They have just started taking the extra time to work with him independently on the things he needs to work on and it makes me so happy, because sometimes with a bigger class size, it is hard for two coaches to get around to each individual. So taking the extra time outside of class, is really appreciated by me and says so much more for the company in my opinion. It shows the belief they have in my child, which not only encourages him, but myself also. I hope he never loses his love for karate, I have seen so many positive changes since he has started and hope that it only continues to grow. In his eyes, his karate coaches are celebrities and he respects them, but also doesn't want to let them down. Thank you for all that you do. 👏👏YOU ROCK!

Lisa Martini-Bolam Avatar Lisa Martini-Bolam
April 9, 2019

My son started at Cosens when we was 3. Very shy didn't want to socialize. The coachs there helped him out so much. He has been going for 3 years now and he continues to grow. He uses the life skills that they teach him every day. Cosch Greenwood is amazing with the kids he also make a point to meet and greet parents when he gets a free minute. My son was struggling at one point and Coach Greenwood took time out of this day to meet with my son for a one-on-one class to help him out. If you are looking for a martial arts class for your children I highly recommend Cosens. You will not regret it.

Cori Himebaugh Avatar Cori Himebaugh
April 9, 2019

This is NOT what you think...its NOT training your kids to be "fighters" or to "beat kids up"! It builds character, self confidence and teaches all the characteristics lacking in the young community today! The coaches are fantastic, the facility is top notch and I couldn't be happier with the experience I've had with my son thus far. I cant say enough about the lessons and team building done here. No better program for young folks.

cure Avatar cure
April 9, 2019

We've had a great experience with Cosens MMA for a few years now. They are focused on growth of the students beyond the physical. Goal orientation, focus, and other life skills are incorporated to each class. We've found it to be a real positive for our son.

Jeremy Gwizdala Avatar Jeremy Gwizdala
April 9, 2019

I am loving this program and my decision to sign up my son! His behavior has improved as well as listening skills and focus. He loves going to class and does get upset when he is late even though we’ve only been late once. My only complaint would be the class size is too large for the number of coaches but the coaches have added an extra class to alleviate this issue. I am still very happy with this program and plan on extending his enrollment for longer!!!

Melissa Burgess Avatar Melissa Burgess
April 9, 2018

My daughter is in the little ninjas program. and i have never met a more caring group of coaches. They care about the kids so much. my daughter has become more confident, less distracted and overall happier since joining. I will 100% recommend Cosens to everyone.

Tasha Katzvinsky Avatar Tasha Katzvinsky
April 9, 2018

All three of my children attend Cosens MMA, ages 3, 14, and 19. It's a great place where all of my kids are getting life lessons taught to them. The coach's are great with all the kids there. If you are thinking about trying them out, I would suggest to give it a try, you won't regret it. It's also a great place for the older folks, myself included. I take fitness and self defense, great class also. Give them a try!!!!!!!

Bry Ben Avatar Bry Ben
April 9, 2017

Cosens MMA has been a tremendous asset in helping with my son's development. Over time he has had the ability to gain better focus and coordination. The coaches are absolutely wonderful with everyone! My husband has participated in several of the fitness boot camps, which has helped him achieve his goal weight.

Lisa Sanborn Avatar Lisa Sanborn
April 9, 2017

My family LOVES Cosens MMA. Coach Charlie Cosens doesn't just own a business he is creating a community. We are so happy to be part of that community. My girls, 6 & 7, have almost completed their first year in the Little Ninjas program. They have grown in their self confidence, leadership, and fitness during the course of this program. I have taken part in several Boot Camps and it has done wonders for me. I'm not only getting in shape and getting stronger but building friendships and support systems. Cosens MMA truly offers something for every member of your family and you will love being part of the Cosens family. My only regret is that we didn't sign our daughters up when they younger, we would have been part of the Cosens MMA family for 6 years already and not just 1!

Emily Sautter Avatar Emily Sautter
April 9, 2017

Our boys have been part of the Cosens MMA programs for over 2 1/2 years. They started with the Children s Martial Arts program and progressed to the Black Black program. They have also progressed to the Leadership program and Competition Team. A few of the improvements have been noticed over this period of time. Their overall behavior at home has improved, they tend to have more focus during activities, they are no longer afraid to speak in public or in front of parents, students and coaches. Being part of the LeadershipTeam has allowed them to assist the coaches in teaching the Little Ninja's program. They now understand how important it is to be a good role model and example for the young children to learn from. My Wife has attended 6 Fitness Boot Camps, which resulted in losing 20+ lbs. Not only does she feel better, it results in a healthier lifestyle. We highly recommend checking out a program and judging for yourself....Very glad we made the investment in the Cosens MMA programs for our boys and my Wife, well worth the cost......

Christopher Rohde Avatar Christopher Rohde
April 9, 2016

I have two children going on their second year of MMA and they've grown in all areas of their teaching, as well as enjoying time with their awesome instructors! I personally stepped outside my comfort zone 2 weeks ago and joined the 6 week fitness boot camp...I really am not one to exercise and am using muscles I didn't even know I had, haha! But honestly, the owner is amaaazing, as well as those in my class being fun and encouraging to each other. .. I feel better already and will definitely be joining again. Do yourself a favor and find a class at Cosens, you won't be disappointed!!! 🙂

Alana Nixon Avatar Alana Nixon
April 9, 2016

My grandson has been going to Cosens for two years now. He started with the little ninjas and worked his way up to the black belt club and also the leadership team. The staff there are wonderful. They help the children develop skills that they can use in all aspects of their life, like focusing on goals, paying attention, being respectful and learning the fundamentals of public speaking. They gain the confidence to try things they normally wouldn't do. Charlie and the rest of the coaches treat the children and parents with respect. I would recommend this program to any parent with little ones.

Annette Yap Avatar Annette Yap
April 9, 2015